Heart Healthy Diet – diabetic and vegan cooking

Change Begins With Just A Simple step…

Looking for great books and resources on creating heart – healthy meals?  Then check these out!

You will find a step-by step approach that would help you lose weight while controlling your risk of diabetes complications.


 The Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet
Learn about this two-phase plan on how to help at-risk people prevent and control diabetes by losing weight quickly and safely, and then maintaining that weight loss.


Diabetes Cooking 101

An everything-you-need-to-know guide to making diabetic-friendly meals. This cookbook features 101 delicious, diverse, and accessible recipes, all of which have been thoroughly kitchen tested.

Vegan for Life

Are you considering going vegan, but you’re not sure how to start? Vegan for Life is your comprehensive, go-to guide for optimal plant-based nutrition.

Flat Belly Diet Diabetes

Lose weight, target belly fat, and lower blood sugar with this tested plan from the editors of Prevention.

Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy

This Best-selling book gives you all the tools you need to plan and eat healthier meals.

Eat what you love; love what you eat with diabetes

No more rigid rules, strict exercise regimens, questionable drugs, or food substitutes. This book will soon have you eating the foods you love without fear, without guilt, and without binging.

More Diabetic meals in 30 minutes

Find more than 140 recipes you can zip together in minutes  – Blueberries Chantilly in 10 minutes, Grilled Turkey with Garlic Sauce in 10 minutes, and more.

Beat diabetes with picture perfect weight loss

Dr. Howard and top chef Franklin Becker, a diabetic himself, together reveal the secrets to a diet that can actually help you prevent and beat diabetes—without depriving yourself of delicious food.

Reverse Diabetes forever

In this comprehensive book, you’ll find the latest science and expert advice that enables you-at long last-to take control. You’ll learn how to shop, cook, and eat.

The Low starch diabetes solution

Dr. Rob Thompson brings you an easy-to-follow, low-starch diet-and-exercise program that promises to stabilize blood sugar in just seven days.

Asian Flavors Diabetic Cookbook

This unique collection of recipes will be attractive to anyone with diabetes looking for a fresh approach to diabetes-friendly cooking.


 Find  anything fun?  Then log on to your  Fountaindale Public Library catalog

to place a hold or dig around for more stuff!

~Vera O.


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