No time to attend a computer class at the library? Try Universal Class!

Many of our library customers are familiar with the variety of free computer classes that we offer each month.  They range from BASIC COMPUTING and GETTING STARTED ON THE INTERNET to those covering the programs in Microsoft Office, such as WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT. We offer most of our classes in the evenings during the week and occasionally on Saturdays.  That works for a lot of our customers. For some people, however, their schedule and the library’s class schedule don’t always work together.

If you still would like to take computer classes, but can’t get into the library for what we offer, our library has a service that is free to Fountaindale Public Library District cardholders. It is called Universal Class. You can access it from your home computer, from your laptop computer in or outside of the library, or from the library’s public computers. Getting started is simple to do from the library’s website at

Have a look at our UNIVERSAL CLASS BROCHURE and use the easy-to-follow instructions to access this resource and get registered.  Within minutes you can be on your way to getting computer instruction on over 40 courses in Computers & Technology, including the popular Microsoft Office 2010 programs. Including these courses, there are over 500 Online Continuing Education Courses that you can take. Universal Class participants may take up to five classes at a time and most classes have a six month deadline to complete the course.

I’ve been telling the students that take the computer classes that I teach at our library about the flexibility of using Universal Class. I decided to see for myself what the classes were like. In August, I registered for Computer Basics 101. I found the registration process easy to follow and it only took me a few minutes to do. Once that was done, I was on my way. The class content is interesting. The exams help show your mastery of the topics in each lesson.   You can be in touch with the instructor by e-mail and you can participate with other students in the class through the Discussion Forums.

So, if you’ve been thinking about sharpening up your computer skills, but you just can’t work our classes into your schedule, then give Universal Class a try. You’ll be able to work on them where and when you are able and at a pace that is comfortable to you. You’ll find yourself wanting to take more than one!            – Tom D.

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