FROM THE MAGAZINE SHELF is an occasional feature of the FOUNTAINDALE LIBRARY REFERENCE BLOG. Postings will highlight titles that you might find of interest, but haven’t picked up to read and explore. In addition to the titles that are in the Magazines Area on the 2nd Floor of our library, postings will also include titles from RBdigital Magazines, formerly Zinio, the library’s digital magazine collection.

Over the time that I’ve been writing my FROM THE MAGAZINE SHELF posts, I’ve covered many of the food magazines in our library’s collection. SAVEUR is one that I had not yet written about.

I happened to be in our Magazines and Newspapers area on our library’s 2nd Floor this week and the most recent issue of Saveur caught my eye. It was “The Global Baking Issue.”  I picked up the copy and paged through it and was immediately pulled into an article about panettone, by Mina Holland, titled “Panettone Town.” The subtitle of the article is “In Pinerolo, Italy, one of the hardest baked goods to master – panettone – permeates the town with sweet smells and festive vibes.”

If you’re scratching your head at this point and wondering about my interest in panettone, I’d like to refer you to an excellent article written by Tejal Rao that appeared in The New York Times last November 28 titled “Panettone has Become an Obsession for American Bakers” and tells about this bread that has been called “the Mount Everest of baking” and is shown here.

But let’s come back to Saveur magazine for a moment and see why you might want to include it on your next visit to our library.

Saveur has been available at our library for a number of years in hard copy. It is currently published four times per year and you can find hard copy issues from the current year and one year back in the library’s Magazines and Newspapers Area on the 2nd Floor.  It is also available digitally through our RBdigital Magazines resource, where you can access both current issues and issues as early as March 2013.

According to RBdigital Magazines , Saveur is “edited for people interested in food. It explores the authentic cuisines of the world, tracks recipes and ingredients to their places of origin and illuminates their history, traditions and local flavors. It includes all aspects of the world of food including eating, cooking and reading. In addition, it contains informative news about the latest in culinary trends, kitchen tips and techniques and a calendar of culinary events.” had these additional comments about the publication: “Saveur magazine celebrates the culture and tradition of cooking with stories and recipes from around the world. Aimed at home cooks who enjoy preparing a variety of classic and innovative dishes for their families and friends, the magazine presents articles on everything from how to prepare simple weeknight meals to profiles of unique ingredients only available in a single specific location.

Saveur magazine also explores world cuisine with features on restaurants and chefs around the globe. Product and cookbook reviews help you make the most out of your kitchen experience and introduce you to new ways of performing kitchen tasks. Regular columns on wine, beer, and cocktails help you pair drinks with meals, and entertaining guides focusing on everything from holidays to casual dinner parties help you make meals with friends more enjoyable.

The visual storytelling style found in Saveur magazine brings the personalities, places, and individual dishes to life for readers. Stunning food photography will have you eager to create the featured dishes, and the travel destinations depicted will make you eager to take a culinary adventure of your own. You’ll also find inspiration for decorating and stocking your kitchen with regular features focusing on kitchen design, celebrity kitchens, and product picks from the editors.

Whether you are an established home cook or an aspiring gourmand just starting to investigate the techniques cooks use around the world, Saveur magazine will inspire you to take your kitchen skills to a new level.”

After reading those descriptions, wouldn’t you be interested in picking up a copy of Saveur to explore?

In addition to the ITALIAN PANETTONE article that caught my attention, the “GLOBAL BAKING” section also included several additional articles of interest on the topics of SOUTHERN BISCUITS, LEMON CHIFFON PIE, GUATEMALAN CARDAMOM, BAVARIAN PRETZELS, AND PARISIAN COOKIES. I’ve shared a visual sampling of some of that section here. The baker is Arnd Erbel, a renowned dough artisan in southern Germany who baked those delicious looking pretzels, the cardamom farmer and cowboy is Guatemalan spice grower / trader Amilcar Pereira. The cardamom he grows is exceptional in taste and quality. Green cardamom is the third-most expensive spice in the world, after saffron and vanilla. The recipes shown below showcase this Guatemalan grown spice.

Saveur may not yet be on your monthly magazine radar. I urge you to give it a try the next time you are in our library or the next time you are connected to a WiFi source and allow your taste buds to be world travelers.

-Tom D.

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