Halloween Season is Here!

Do you think Halloween How-To books were birthed by Martha Stewart?  Nope.  Our obsession for harvest and Halloween themed parties, gatherings, and general mischief have been alive and well in our culture for well over a century.  Our consumer culture and love affair with Halloween has been portrayed with postcards, photographs, costumes, and food.  Lots, and lots, of food.

If you dream of bringing an epic Halloween party to life, the library has some great free party planners, decoration, pumpkin carving, and spooky foods to serve up at your next party.  There’s nothing finer than inviting friends and family to unite in a common goal of celebrating a holiday.  But why spend the money on expensive books and party ideas when you can find some unique ideas from the library?

Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger

Artful halloween coverIf you’re looking for a Pinterest worthy project, check out the ideas in Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger.  This book has an engrossing collection of home decor, party ideas, and some electric costume accessories.  Some of the intriguing projects from this book will help you create:

  • Pumpkin Print Napkins & Treat Bags
  • Black Lace Votive Holders
  • Amazing note carts
  • Painted and Stickered Pumpkins
  • Much more!

You might want to try making “The Alchemist’s Book Pennant Garland”, which would work well for a mystery themed or magic themed party as well.

A Ghostly Good Time: The Family Halloween Handbook by Woman’s Day

ghostly good time coverMaybe you’re looking for a great Halloween project but don’t have a lot of artistic skills.  No problem.  Checkout A Ghostly Good Time for great ideas and activities which won’t put a strain on your schedule or budget.  If you’re looking for some family-friendly projects for older children, this book has you covered!

You might want to try:

  • Creating a handmade costume for kids and adults (Star Man, Garden Fairy Clown, and a Bat Boy just to name a few!)
  • Spruce up your foyer or exterior with some cheap and creative Halloween decoration ideas (Spider wreath, Un-Welcome Mat, Hallway of Scares)
  • Serve up a collection of snacks and treats including Sand-Witches, Tortilla Hands and Salsa, Ghoulash Stew, and Cheesy Spiders

This book has just what you need to make Halloween a hit for kids and adults!

Spooky and Bright by Country Living

The true Halloween enthusiast will want to pick up a book which will kick up their spooky and brightholiday to the next level.  The final book on our list may be small, however, it has some of the best original Halloween ideas I’ve seen in a long time.  Country Living’s new book Spooky and Bright encompasses 101 ideas which range from creative and original pumpkin designs to some truly tasteful treats, exterior accents, and home decorations.

Some of the ideas include:

  • A glow in the dark rubber eyeball wreath
  • Pumpkin painting, scoring, and vinyl decal ideas
  • Spooky paper lanterns
  • Witch Silhouette Cakes
  • Candle decorations and designs

Some of the ideas chronicled in this book look really approachable for teens, so don’t forget to include them in your Halloween prep work!

Check Out Our Halloween Book and DVD Displays

halloween book display for blogStill need some suggestions or in-depth reading?  The Fountaindale Public Library currently has two big displays to help you narrow down what you need for a fabulous Halloween.  On the third floor, you’ll find an ample collection Halloween decorating, party planning, costume making, and pumpkin carving titles.  You won’t want to miss out on the Extreme Pumpkin Carving series as well as some of the How to Haunt Your House books.  Meanwhile on the first floor, you’ll find a huge selection of spooky and scary movies for a variety of age ranges.  If you’re on the hunt for a specific book or movie, library staff can help you find what you need.  Check out more ideas on my favorite Halloween Pinterest board.

Don’t forget to check out the local Halloween happenings in your community, and if you’re ever in need of inspiration, drop by the library for some in-depth books on pumpkin carving, haunted house logistics, and cold-weather cookbooks.

See you at the library!





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