FROM THE MAGAZINE SHELF is an occasional feature of the FOUNTAINDALE LIBRARY REFERENCE BLOG. Postings will highlight titles that you might find of interest, but haven’t picked up to read and explore. In addition to the titles that are in the Magazine Area on the 2nd Floor of our library, postings will also include titles from Zinio, the library’s digital magazine collection.

Although summer, astrologically speaking, just began on June 21, it’s already been feeling like we’re in the middle of the season with a recent string of 90+ degree weather that we had been been experiencing and certainly there will be more on the way. It’s just the type of weather to get outside and enjoy your favorite summer activity, whether it be biking, running, hiking, exploring something above or below the water, or simply traveling.

Our library has magazines about many of the activities that you may be pursuing during the summer months on the shelves of our Magazine and Newspaper area on the 2nd Floor and also in our Zinio eMagazine collection.  This post will have a look at a few of them.

Bicycling magazine started in 1961, making it the oldest of the magazines in the group featured in this post. It currently publishes 10 issues per year and is a great resource for all levels and styles of cyclists. Each issue is divided into two main areas: “Stories” (feature articles and Special Reports) and “Stuff” that covers bikes, equipment, and gear. Each issue also has a few regular columns like “The Selection” and “Join the Ride” (Top tips, best advice, and personal picks from the Editor In Chief).

This is the go-to magazine that cyclists turn to for both inspiration and information. Reading Bicycling will help make you a better and wiser cyclist. It was a big help to me when getting back into the sport and trying to decide what type of bike really suited my needs.

Summer is a prime time to get on a bike and explore places like the Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Don’t let these weeks of summer slip away without getting out to enjoy the outdoors!

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)


BACKPACKER magazine debuted in 1973 and over the years has expanded its original content of backpacking and hiking to now include more outdoor sports and skills. Among the various additional sports covered are mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, fly fishing and cycling. There are also features on cooking (Trail Chef) and on photography (Photo School). If you look closely at the cover of each issue, you’ll see below BACKPACKER  are the words “GET OUT MORE” in smaller print. The subscript underscores the philosophy of the magazine’s editorial staff.

The magazine comes out nine times a year. Each issue is separated into two major sections: “The Play List,” which covers the month’s top trips and picks and “The Manual,” that is divided into three sub areas: “skills” / “survival”/ “gear”). There’s also an issue devoted to the the “Editors’ Choice Awards” for gear in 11 categories. If you are getting ready to outfit yourself for your next thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail or planning your next weekend of backpacking, these equipment picks can make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

In a nutshell, Backpacker is THE source for backpacking gear reviews, outdoor skills information and advice. You’ll discover destinations for backpacking, camping and hiking. The magazine will also help you plan trips, download hikes, find gear, and learn outdoor and survival skills.

This should be one of your prime resources if you currently do or are considering any type of hiking or backpacking. There’s a wealth of  information in each issue and it’s available to you at our library.

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)

Canoe & Kayak magazine has been the world’s leading paddlesports publication. The magazine, published quarterly, provides the techniques, destinations, videos, photos and stories that inspire you to get on the water whether it be lakes, the ocean, or rivers.

The annual gear guide feature is a real help both novice and seasoned paddler.

Although the magazine has been discontinued, following the Winter 2017 issue, we still have both the print issues for the current year and last year as well as digital back issues through Zinio from March 2015 back to May 2013.

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)


Runner’s World magazine arrived on the scene under that title in 1969. It had previously been published since 1966 as Distance Running News.

Currently, the magazine comes out 11 times a year and each issue will help make you, overall, a better runner. Runner’s World brings running enthusiasts strategies, tips and advice to help increase performance, help prevent injuries, and achieve personal goals.

Most of the issues are divided up into several large sections, with a number of articles within each grouping.

  • “PERSONAL BEST” (Get Fit, Eat Smart, Run Strong)
  • “ASK RW” (Whatever your question, here’s the answer. Better than the internet!)
  • “HUMAN RACE” (News, Trends, and Regular Runners Doing Amazing Things)
  • “I’M A RUNNER” (Profiles of runners who are also accomplished in their individual career fields)

Runner’s World also does an annual roundup / rating of running shoes and it is an issue that is always anticipated and read.

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)

Outside magazine has been publishing for over thirty years and comes out monthly in its current format.

The magazine’s Mission Statement provides a look into this multi-faceted publication:”To inspire active participation in the world outside through award-winning coverage of the sports, people, places, adventure, discoveries, health and fitness, gear and apparel, trends and events that make up an active lifestyle.”

Each issue has regular sections that readers can anticipate and experience:

  • Dispatches: The latest news and events in the world outside.
  • Destinations: The hottest places around the world for active travel.
  • The Guide: An exhaustive A-to-Z compendium on a variety of subjects that matter to readers of the magazine.
  • Bodywork: Fitness for the Outside athlete.
  • The Essentials: The latest gear, equipment, apparel, and electronics.
  • Exposure: World-class photography from all across the globe.
  • Feature Articles: Outside’s focus is on top quality journalism on sports, adventure, political and environmental topics, health and fitness, and much more.

So, don’t be a bump on a log. Get out and enjoy the outside!

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)

Although we don’t have a current subscription to SCUBA DIVING, we have about two years of back issues available through our Zinio resource for the period of January 2015 back to April 2013.

The issues, which came out eight times a year, have useful tips for all levels and type of divers.

Great photography, travel information, and diving gear reviews make the magazine worth a visit.

(Availability: Zinio ONLY)




National Geographic Traveler magazine is published  by the National Geographic Society in the United States. The magazine debuted in 1984 and currently is published eight times a year. It is the world’s most widely read travel magazine. The magazine publishes local-language editions in at least a dozen countries, in addition to Latin America and the UK.

Captivating stories combined with stunning photography make travel destinations come alive.

If summer is that time of year when travel is your passion, then you’ll want to spend some time with National Geographic Traveler.

(Availability: 2nd Floor Magazines area & Zinio)


Make the summer months your own and enjoy the season!

– Tom D.

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