Practical Tech with Tony – 2nd Annual Consumer Electronics Show Edition

Sheesh, time got away from me. We recorded this podcast the week after the Consumer Electronics Show, but haven’t had time to get it up until now, almost a month later! Sorry, dear reader, for the delay! Please note: this podcast blog entry will soon be migrating to the Studio 300 blog, so if you have favorited it or are following it, look there beginning in March.

Internet of Things – For a satirical look at this, I highly recommend the Twitter feed Internet of Sh*# – Language is pretty tame, but the word sh*# appears quite a bit. Here’s his Facebook page if you don’t Twitter.

The list o’links discussed in this podcast:

Laundroid laundry folding robot

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Playstation VR – exclusively for Playstation 4

Google Cardboard – need a smartphone to use

How to know if your PC is ready for Oculus Rift

Fitbit Blaze – Press release & Product Website

Yuneec Typhoon H

Human carrying drone

FAA site for drone registration

FAA sued over drone registration – The meat of the issue is there was a law passed by Congress in 2012 that said the FAA cannot require registration of small hobbiest aircraft that weighs under 55 pounds, but the FAA did just that, requiring registration of these drones that weigh anywhere from 0.55 to 55 pounds. Here is the relevant text about the law from the article:

“Section 336(a) of the FAA reform law declares that the agency cannot ‘promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft … if … the aircraft is flown strictly for hobby or recreational use,’ does not interfere with other aircraft, weighs less than 55 pounds, and operates ‘in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization.'”

Drone registry database privacy controversy

Acer Chromebook 15.1

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