Save The Date — The Doctor Is Back!


It seems like an eternity since we last saw The Doctor and Clara but finally we have a date for their return. Saturday, September 19th on BBC America will see The Doctor back in action! Here are some things we know already

missyFor one, Michelle Gomez will be back as The Doctor’s enemy, Missy/The Master in the very first episode “The Magician’s Apprentice”. I am really looking forward to this as, even though I was hesitant at first about a female Master, I ended up loving her. Michelle is such a fantastic actress and has great chemistry with Peter Capaldi. Another familiar face returning is Rigsy from the season 8 episode “Flatline”. He was such a stand out last season that there were rumors of him becoming a companion. It has been said if he will but who knows?

One familiar face coming back really surprised me (and I don’t know how this will be pulled off) is Osgood. Last we saw her, she met her demise at Missy’s hands in the episode “Death in Heaven”. Questions surround her return…. is she a Zygon? Or was it the Zygon that died? The Zygons are due to be back. Either way, I am thrilled she is back wearing her fashionable 4th Doctor scarf. Of course Kate Stewart will be back. Doctor Who just isn’t the same without having a Lethbridge-Stewart around!


Finally there is one mystery surrounding a character played by Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. She will be in two episodes “The Girl Who Died” and “The Woman Who Lived”. Fans at a recent Comic-Con were treated to a sneak peak trailer for season 9 and the big news is the end of the trailer. Maisie Williams appears and The Doctor says “You” and she MW-doctor-whoresponds “What took you so long, old man?”. So just who is she? Capaldi has long stated he would love The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan to come back. However she could be Jenny, The Doctor’s daughter. Other rumors, River Song, but Maisie Williams is a bit young for Peter Capaldi. I have heard several others…  Clara’s daughter and even The Doctor’s great grand-daughter (Susan married David Campbell a freedom fighter on earth against the Daleks). That story line is very involved but it is a stretch. I want her to be Susan, with that we might finally find out who is her grandmother, who are her parents…. its an age-old Doctor Who mystery, but somehow I don’t think it will ever be solved.

Clara is back but there are rumors not for the entire season. I am also reading that we might see a tie in from the famous Capaldi eyebrows cameo in the 50th anniversary special and Gallifrey. Is the Doctor headed home ??  I want to see Gallifrey!!!  Here is hoping. Another spoiler is that it was no coincidence that Missy’s garden hangout looks awfully like the garden that Amy spent 36 years in “The Girl Who Waited”.

Prior to the September 19th premiere, The Doctor is hitting the big screen in about 700 US theaters and it will be 3D! The two part season 8 finale will be shown on Sept 15th and 16th with a special prequel to season 9 entitled “The Doctor’s Meditation”. Tickets go on sale today and though it doesn’t look like its coming to Bolingbrook, there will be showings in Joliet, Naperville and Woodridge. Just go to for more information.

I really can’t wait as Saturday nights haven’t been the same without the show. Exciting times are ahead!

— Christine

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