Practical Technology Podcast – Good Computers Gone Bad

Superfish and Lenovo issue – To give Lenovo some credit, they have posted a Superfish removal tool. The root cause turns out to be a SDK that was released by the company Komodia – this issue affects more than just Lenovo  computers. At this link you will find a link to a site that will let you know whether you have the offending software on your computer.

I mention in the podcast the only sure way to remove something like this is to wipe your hard drive and reinstall a pristine copy of Windows – not the one that came with your computer – onto the hard drive (this is called a clean install). However, if you are willing to wait a little bit, the anti-virus and anti-malware software companies will usually come up with removal tools in a couple of weeks of them discovering the issue. In the case of Superfish, Microsoft also got involved. Having said that, I’ve heard stories of people doing clean installs of Windows every six months just to clear out all the accumulated junk Windows picks up over time.

Duck Duck Go – search engine that does not track your online activity.


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