Tax Forms

At this time, the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue only sent us basic tax forms – Federal 1040; 1040A; and 1040EZ as well as IL 1040. We received communication that we will not receive any instruction booklets for these forms nor other forms and instruction booklets due to IRS and state budget cuts.

What does this mean for you?

The forms we did receive are available on a rack on the 3rd Floor to the left of the elevators (to the right when you get off the elevators). We do have a limited number of IL 1040 instructions available at the 3rd Floor desk. Federal 1040, 1040A and 1040 EZ instruction booklets are available for checkout at the 3rd Floor desk. Instructions can be checked out for one (1) week.

All forms and booklets are available to read, print or download on the IRS website:

Don’t wait until the last minute! If you must have paper copies, order them today:

To order paper copies of forms and booklets online:

For Federal forms, go to:

Click: Order Forms & Pubs

Select: Forms and Publications by U.S. Mail

For state of Illinois forms, go to:

To order paper copies of forms and booklets by phone:

Call the IRS at: 1-800-829-3676

Call the Illinois State Department of Revenue at: 1-800-356-6302

Note: This post was updated with new information on 02/06/2015.

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