Just Who Is She?


Anyone who has been watching the newest season of Doctor Who (with the magnificent Peter Capaldi whom I adore!!) is excitedly waiting to find the answer to the season’s biggest question— Who is Missy? She first appeared, like a high-strung and slightly demented, Mary Poppins in the season opener, Deep Breath, living in the “Promised Land” an almost type of heaven, calling the Doctor her “Boyfriend”. Since then, she has popped up here and there welcoming people who have died on a particular episode to this “Heaven”.  And somehow she seems to have been using Clara, the Doctor’s companion, in whatever her plans are. We don’t know yet, but the finale promises Cybermen and Clara apparently turning on the Doctor.

This Saturday is the first of the two-part season finale when we will finally get to find out who she is and what she is up to. Theories vary, here are a few

1. She is the Master. Now who wouldn’t want to see him back? Missy= Mistress= Master….. mmm…. But I can’t imagine him calling the Doctor “boyfriend”


2. She is the Rani, who was an evil female Time Lord in the classic series. Possible, but will people know her enough? Then again, new viewers didn’t know the Master as well.

3. She is River Song. My problem with this is River wasn’t evil like Missy seems to be. And if River comes back, I want Alex Kingston!


4. She is the Black Guardian. Here is another old series throw back. The Black Guardian used the Doctor’s than companion, Turlough, to try to kill the Doctor. Since Missy seems to have something up with Clara, I wonder if she could be repeating history.

5. She is the Valeyard. The Valeyard is the amalgamation of the Doctor’s darker sides between his 12th and final regeneration. How does that work with this new set of regenerations? Not sure.


6. She is Romana. Romana was the 4th Doctor’s travelling companion. She is also a Time Lord and at one time became president of Gallifrey. But it just doesn’t seem to fit.


7. She is Susan. Susan Foreman is the Doctor’s grand-daughter…. no! Not with boyfriend being thrown around.  Though I would love Susan to come back.

8. She is the Doctor’s first wife. Well the Susan question has never been fully answered but he has alluded to being a father.

9. She is an older Clara. This is a good possibility. We know Clara is the impossible girl etc…. does she REALLY exist at this point? Or does something happen to her boyfriend Danny Pink at the hands of the Doctor so that now she wants to do harm?


So many questions…. I  know I will be tuning in. 8pm BBC America. Be there!


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