The Doctor is Back!


Tomorrow is the day all you Doctor Who fans!  After what seems like YEARS Doctor Who is back! And he has changed yet again! I am so excited to see Peter Capaldi! I’m going to miss Matt Smith, but as a long time Doctor Who fan, I know the story…. the Doctor has to regenerate otherwise the show wouldn’t be around since 1963. I have to admit to being really excited about Capaldi. He is a long time Doctor Who fan, he is an outstanding actor and he is even near my age! The show is promising to be a bit less fairy tale this season and seems to be going back to a more gothic (and very 4th Doctor-ish) feel to it, which I am looking forward to.

Everything I have been hearing about the premiere “Deep Breath” has been VERY positive, both in his characterization of the Doctor and in his interaction with Clara, played by Jenna Louise Coleman.   The first episode will feature the Paternoster gang of Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax. I am thrilled as I just love them!  And there will be a giant dinosaur roaming the streets of London!

There will be some new changes in addition to the gothic  feel to the show,  the first and foremost being the recent announcement of Jenna leaving the show at this years Christmas special. How that will play out remains to be seen. Clara has her supporters and also others who never quite got her. I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I really wanted to see how her and this Doctor would work together (shades of the 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant?) as it has been explicitly stated there would be “no romance” between the two. The Doctor is also going to be a bit darker (which I think we started to see glimpses of in Matt’s last couple of episodes). He is also going to be someone who immediately is in charge and everyone around him knows it. He will retain his humor but probably won’t be quite as silly.  Of course we will see the Daleks (I read that it is is one Dalek and its a nice Dalek!) as well as Cybermen,  mummies and even Robin Hood. And I’m hearing “Master”….. hmmmmm.  There will also be a some kind of reference to Capaldi appearing in “The Fires of Pompeii”  and there certainly will be one as to why the Doctor has a Scottish accent.

Doctor Who will be on tomorrow night at 7pm (its a 2-hour espisode) on BBC America. Get ready!

—- Christine

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