FROM THE MAGAZINE SHELF is an occasional feature of the FOUNTAINDALE LIBRARY REFERENCE BLOG. Postings will highlight titles that you might find of interest, but haven’t yet picked up to read and explore.

Have you ever stopped to think that you could have a goldmine sitting inside your home and not even know about it? If you are like a lot of music fans, over the years you possibly have collected recordings on vinyl, like LPs or 45s.  Or you may have collected CDs, DVDs, music memorabilia, and so on, and just stored it away. Have you ever thought about what your collection could be worth? Goldmine magazine - July 2014

Every year we get questions from our library customers who are wondering about exactly that same thing.

We started to get Goldmine magazine at our library this past December, after fielding a number of questions from our customers and researching to see what was out there in the marketplace that could help collectors. Goldmine magazine and its online website ( were literally a goldmine of information and resources.

This monthly publication started in 1974 and “focuses on the collectors’ market for records, tapes, CDs, and music-related memorabilia.”  Features each month include news articles, interviews, discographies, histories, current reviews on recording stars of the past and present. The magazine covers a wide range of music and includes rock, blues, country, folk, and classical. Additional features include classified ads, trends, and a show calendar.

The recent July 2014 issue is shown above . I checked the Show Calendar to see what was doing in our state and found that there were two upcoming listings in July and August for collectors in the Chicagoland area.  The Goldmine - Music Collector ResourcesStore Directory showed two stores for Illinois that were in the Chicago area. In addition, checking the magazine’s website under the MUSIC COLLECTOR RESOURCES tab showed that there are several other stores for Illinois collectors.

Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records 1950 - 1990Still need even more resources? The folks who put together the magazine have also done the Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records 1950 – 1990. This comprehensive guide, presents values for 45 RPM, EPs, 12-inch single albums, and select 78 RPMs. The genres include rock, pop, country, soul, R&B, and jazz. The publication has 150,000+ listings!  Our Fountaindale Public Library owns this resource. To see about availability, please check our online library catalog.

So, if you’re doing some prospecting in the basement, the attic, or in the closets of your home, remember the wealth of resources that are available in Goldmine magazine and their website. If you would like to check out some of the issues of the magazine, you’ll find them on the 2nd Floor of our library, in the Newspapers and Magazine area.

Don’t wait too long to discover the treasures that you may have under your roof. You may discover some really valuable gems!

– Tom D.


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