World Cup Soccer is Here!


FIFA World Cup Soccer is an event soccer fans around the world wait for every four years.  Countries around the world go through a selection process in order to host the cup, this year being Brazil’s turn. Brazil has hosted the cup once before in 1950. The tournament started in 1872 between Scotland and England, but the first official World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, with mainly South American teams competing as well as the US and Mexico.  The US hosted the World Cup in 1994, with several games played at Soldier Field.

  Countries create national teams which must compete prior to the cup in qualifying rounds, thus ensuring that only the cream of the crop make it. Big names in soccer such as Pele and David Beckham have competed in the event several times. Careers are made, some made legendary during the tournament. Fans take the matches very seriously, getting up at all hours of the night to watch matches. Its not unusual to have a match on at 3am depending on the host country and US broadcast time.  This year air times should be pretty good in the US.

The tournament starts this Thursday with Brazil vs. Croatia. Matches will be broadcast on ESPN, ABC and Univision. Cheer on the US team!

— Christine

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