FROM THE MAGAZINE SHELF is an occasional feature of the FOUNTAINDALE LIBRARY REFERENCE BLOG. Postings will highlight titles that you might find of interest, but haven’t yet picked up to read and explore.

Mix magazine - April 2014If you’ve been using our library’s Studio 300 facility for any recording work, you’ll find Mix magazine an informative and helpful resource. We started subscribing to Mix in January of this year and it is proving to be popular with our library customers.

At their online presence, Mix Magazine Online, the specifics of what the magazine is about is nicely spelled out: “Mix is the world’s leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production technology industry. Mix covers a wide range of topics including: recording, live sound and production, broadcast production, audio for film and video, and music technology. In addition, Mix includes coverage of facility design and construction, location recording, tape/disc manufacturing, education, and other topics of importance to audio professionals.”

In each issue, like the April 2014 one shown here, you’ll find a variety of features:

* Columns and feature articles on technical subjects

* Industry News

* New product announcements

* Equipment reviews

* Profiles of producers, engineers, and artists

* Features on production facilities, live venues..and more.

Among some of the features in the the April 2014 issue were:  an extensive article about Sonic Ranch, a recording studio located 30 miles east of El Paso, Texas and an article detailing producer – musician – songwriter T Bone Burnett’s work on the HBO drama “True Detective.”

The May 2014 issue featured an article on “Welcome to 1979” – a retro, all analog recording studio in Nashville and an in-depth analysis in the Back- to-Basics column on “Smart Microphone Selection / What to Grab and Why.”

You can find copies of this monthly magazine in the Newspaper and Magazine area of our library, on the 2nd Floor. Have a look ……check it out!

– Tom D.


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