Learn a new Language Through Film with Mango!

Want to put your new language skills to use?  Mango Premiere offers you a new way to immerse yourself in foreign-language movies for free with your library card. Mango Premier is part of Mango Languages, a library database which offers interactive courses in over 55 languages.  With the addition of Mango Premier, users have access to sixteen films in seven different languages.



To further supplement your language learning, Mango Premier offers two modes: “Movie Mode” and “Engage Mode”. Movie Mode offers subtitles in your native language and the language your are learning. The Engage Mode leads you through the film scene by scene, teaching concepts and language skills and quizzing you along the way. By watching the film on your computer, users can see phonetic spelling and audio replays of the words on the screen, and can access cultural notes for content found in the film.

Colors of the Mountain Subtitles


By using Mango Premier, you may find new ways to explore a new language any time from your PC!  If you need assistance using Mango Languages, Mango Premier, or our children’s Little Pim programs, contact the 3rd Floor Reference Desk at (630) 685-4176.

See You At The Library!



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