But I Like Ham Banana Rolls!!!

In the last few months, I happened upon some neat web pages/blogs that give me a laugh or an inspiration to try something new (or avoid it!). Here are some of them you might want to take a look at. Enjoy!

The Impulsive Buy


This is a review/informational web page that lets you know about new foods or special editions of foods like M&Ms, yogurt or various cereals at a store near you. They do a “spotted on shelves” section so I know what new goodies to find at Target or another store…. They also include reviews of fast foods in addition to grocery foods. . I think I like the reviews the best.   If I can save $$ on a product that looks enticing but isn’t good for me. Because of this page, I avoided the temptation of the praline Pringle’s at Target despite the mark down! Considering the review I read,  the clearance sticker made sense.

Pinterest Fail

Pinterest fail

Pinterest, it’s all the rage…. see people cook creative, cute recipes or admire people’s DIY posts on projects and crafts that you just know you have to try… it looks so easy. Well it doesn’t always work. This site posts real people’s attempts at all those “pin” that are so intriguing.  Some turn out, but never quite like the example. I’m dating myself but I was reminded of the old Ray Raynor show, where his art projects never came out like the original. It just proves sometimes it is too good to be true!

Awful Library Books


Libraries are constantly weeding their collection, going through and discarding old or outdated books. When a librarian finds an “awfully” funny one, you guessed it they might just post it on this site. This often hilarious and laugh out loud web site makes you appreciate the work your librarian does in keeping the collection up to date. Otherwise, you might be reading books like  Dancing Disco or Dancing With Cats! Or  books with pictures of people in leisure suits and bell bottoms!

Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour  

PHH Header

This site touts itself as a combination June Cleaver, Martha Stewart and Mommy. It features recipes for the cook in the family as well as decorating ideas for the creative. What I like is that not only are the recipes laid out in step by step pictures, you also get  “family tested” reviews so you can decide if it is worth trying. The pictures also make the food really tempting.

Retro Recipe Attempts


 Do you like your veggies and/or tuna in gelatin? How about Frankfurter crown casserole? And just what is mock salmon loaf? Well go on over to this hilarious blog and get these retro recipes from the 50s, 60s and 70s (original pictures included). Did people really cook and eat this stuff at one time? Brave test cooks attempt the dishes and let you know the results (family tested again). Some actually are okay, a very few tasty, but most are just plain bad. And just what was the draw with putting everything in gelatin?

Here are the links to those sites:






—- Christine

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