Have you tried Zinio? Magazine back issues are now available!

Recorded Books, the vendor that provides access to the Zinio Digital Magazine service for the library, announced that back issues of most publications are now available for download!

Back issue availability varies from publication to publication. For example, American Patchwork & Quilting has back issues to August of 2012. Consumer Reports, one of the most popular checkouts from the digital magazine collection, has issues available from January 1, 2010 on. Car & Driver has an amazing back catalog of nearly eight years worth of issues available!

Before checking out a magazine from Zinio, you’ll need a Fountaindale Public Library in good standing and establish an account with Recorded Books (if you do not already have one). You’ll do this by clicking here. This will take you to the Recorded Books Zinio interface.

In the upper right hand corner, find the link that says “create new account”. Click that and then fill in the fields on the window that pops up. After creating your account, login in to the service, although you may already be logged in after registering.

ZinioYou will then be able to select a magazine. Find one that interests you and click on it or touch it (if using a mobile device). You will be then taken to Zinio, the service that actually provides the magazines. You will need to establish an account with them as well. We strongly suggest that you use the same e-mail address and password that you did when you established your Recorded Books account. Once you establish on account with Zinio, you will be able to download the magazine by going to the “Your Library” link on Zinio. Please note: we have experienced some difficulties in viewing checked out magazines on a user’s account when using the Safari browser from Apple. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome when accessing Zinio on your device.

There is an app available in the App Store of your device for Zinio (Note: the app is not available on the Kindle Fire – original – or either of the the Kindle Fire HDs. Fire users may be able to view magazines through the web browser on the device by navigating to their Zinio account using the web browser). You can download it and then use the account you established with Zinio to login to the Zinio app and access the magazines you have checked out.

The Zinio app is simply for reading the magazines. In the future, you will need to check out magazine from the Recorded Books interface, which will then place the magazine into your account on Zinio. Once the magazine is in your Zinio account, it will automatically appear in the Zinio app when you login to the app.

Unlike e-books, magazine check outs do not expire. Once you download the magazine, it is yours to keep.
Please contact the Adult & Teen Services Department at 630-685-4176 if you have any questions.
Happy reading!
-Tony L.
Emerging Technologies Librarian

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