It takes two to Tango, but just one to Mango

Say What -- Mango Languages -- Front of BrochureFor a while now, I’ve been recommending Mango Languages to customers who come to the library looking for materials to help them learn a language. Mango is an online resource that’s available to Fountaindale Public Library cardholders. It’s an alternative to using Rosetta Stone and it’s way more interesting and more fun than using CDs or DVDs. Recently, I tried Mango out for myself, so I would have a better idea of the experience.

If you click on the blue Mango Languages link above, you can go to the Mango page and set up an account and start learning a language. It’s quick and easy. There’s lots of choices…more than 50. I chose to learn Spanish (Latin America) and began with the Basic level.

Mango lets you learn at your own pace. A friendly voice leads you through each lesson and a narrator gives you the pronunciation of the words, phrases, or sentences. Throughout your lessons, you’ll get handy Grammar and Cultural Notes. One of the really neat things about Mango is that you have the option to record your own pronunciation and then compare it to the narrator’s voice to see how well you’re doing. To do that, you will need a microphone or a headset that has a mic. I liked this feature a lot.

Although you are working independently, the course leader encourages you as you continue along with phrases like “Do you remember how to say…” / “Listen carefully…Now you try to say…” / O.K. let’s hear it! / or “Isn’t this easy!”

I really found Mango to be an enjoyable way to learn. You set the schedule. Mango is there when you are ready. If you would like some more information about this great resource click on the following link to have a look at our Mango Languages Brochure.

Nos vemos!

– Tom D.

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