Want to use the same tutor that Bill Gates and his children used…and do it for free?!?

Sal Khan - - - - Preparing another lesson for KhanAcademy.orgYes…that’s right. Amazing as it sounds, if you’ve been struggling with a math concept, or are having a problem understanding something in the sciences, in economics, in finance, or in the humanities, then the same type of help that the Gates family used could be just a few mouse clicks away. And the instructional videos are free.

Sure, you may already be using some of the other learning resources such as Tutor.com and Universal Class that are both available to Fountaindale Public Library cardholders through our website. That’s great.  But if you’re still looking for some additional help at mastering concepts and want to work at your own pace, you may want to give Khan Academy a try. Chances are you’ll find some help among the more than 3,000 lessons that are available at no charge.

I first learned about Sal Khan (pictured above) and Khan Academy early in 2012 when watching a segment on CBS 60 Minutes. I was recently reminded of what a great resource Khan Academy is when I saw another story early this month about this tutor. It was called Khan Academy: The future of education?

During the week that followed my viewing, I told a friend about the website and described what the video tutorials were like. He sounded very interested. One reason might be because Khan Academy lessons have been described as feeling like Sal Khan is sitting there next to you and you’re both looking at the same paper together. That’s really one-on-one instruction!

If you’re the least bit skeptical about Sal Khan’s credentials, fear not. This former hedge fund analyst has an MBA from Harvard and three degrees from MIT. His teaching style is personal, appealing, and instructional. Sal Khan has said “I teach the way I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him.”

He must be doing something right. More than 6 million students use his digital lessons every month.

So, if you’re struggling with a subject and need some more help, give Khan Academy a try. You might discover he’s one of your favorite teachers.

– Tom D.

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