Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who!

DW50This is the year many of us longtime Doctor Who fans thought we wouldn’t see, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who! Sure we would have had an anniversary, but the fact that after the show went off the air and all hope was lost, it has come back stronger then ever is so cool!!  Doctor Who first was aired on BBC on November 23, 1963 after much planning by BBC Head of Drama, Sydney Newman, producer Verity Lambert, Waris Hussein, director of the very first Doctor Who episode and several others to bring the story of the mysterious traveler from outer space, who travels in a blue police box.

To really celebrate the founding of this amazing show, there will be  a docudrama called “An Adventures in Time and Space” written by Mark Gatiss, writer of several Doctor Who episodes and Sherlock , which chronicles the initial founding and filming of this long running series. For me one the most exciting part, for the Doctor Who geek I am, is that  William Russell, Ian Chesterton, one of the Doctor’s first traveling companions and Carole Ann Ford, the Doctor’s mysterious and often discussed granddaughter, will be making an appearance. William Russell is 88!!! Sure they won’t be playing their original roles, which would be themselves, but it will be so neat to see them. Also in the production will be Brian Cox as Sydney Newman, Jessica Raine (of Find the Midwife fame and recently seen on the Doctor Who episode Hide) as Verity Lambert and David Bradley as William Hartnell, the first actor to play the Doctor. On a side note, David Bradley was recently seen in Doctor Who opposite Matt Smith, in the episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship as a ruthless buccaneer.

I really CANNOT wait for this movie. I’m going to have to unplug/turn off my phone the night I watch it. In addition to this, BBC America has been featuring once a month, one of the past Doctors’ “classic” episodes. It has been really fun to watch the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and Jamie outwit the Cyberman or to see the  Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, fight the Autons. Much fun! And prior to the episode, the actors and people involved, are interviewed. Some sadness for those who left us, some too early, but also lots of fun.

So enjoy, celebrate and Happy Birthday Doctor!!!


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