Like magazines? ……Have you tried Zinio?

Zinio link on FPLD website       If you enjoy reading magazines, you’ll want to try an exciting resource that recently became available to Fountaindale Public Library District cardholders. It’s called Zinio. To access this digital magazine streaming service, go to our library’s website at and then go to the left hand side of the webpage. Scroll down a bit and you will see the links to Zinio on the left. You can access a step-by-step guide to help you set up your account by clicking on the link that says: “Click here for user guide to ZINIO.” We recommend you read and use this guide as you set up your Zinio account. The link just above this one will take you to the screen that is used to either create a new account or use to login to Zinio, once you have your account established.

More than 170 separate titles are available in Zinio. Users can stream magazines simultaneously to their computers, laptops, or tablets.  A few exceptions are Apple  devices, because Zinio requires Flash, and the Nook, because Barnes & Noble does not currently have an app for Zinio.

Zinio also gives customers the option to download magazines to their devices. Once downloaded, the magazines can be read without the need of wi-fi. Apple product fans will be happy to know that their devices are compatible with downloading from Zinio.

Unlike using some of our electronic databases that may only provide the text of a magazine article, Zinio gives you the complete content of the magazines that you are looking at… full color, text, pictures, charts, etc.

Below are examples of how Consumer Reports appears in Zinio. In addition to the content, Zinio provides easy to use tools and tips for searching, printing, and maneuvering through the magazine that you’re reading.Zinio - Cover Display - Help Tips and Controls

Consumer Reports - May 2013 Issue - Pages 24 - 25

Interested? Go have a look at Zinio and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll find more than a few titles that you will want to read!

– Tom D.

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