Call the Midwife!


Last year, I had head about a series that was going to be aired on BBC, “Call the Midwife”. It looked interesting but I didn’t get around to seeing it. A couple of weeks ago, I happened upon a reference to it and thought, wow I forgot I wanted to see that. Luckily, the library owns a copy of the 6 episode of series one. I got my hands on it and was hooked! The show, based upon the true life memoirs of Jennifer Worth, follows Jenny Lee, a young nurse and midwife in late 1950s England, who goes to work at Nonatus House, a nursing convent in the poor section of London, the East End. England’s National Health Service provides midwives to the area, they not only deliver the children, but they do well-being visits and follow-up baby visits.

We see an array of women that initially one feels a sort of a sense of contempt for, 10 kids being an average, poverty, squalor, disease, but eventually you start viewing these women as heroines as does our main character Jenny Lee. The show is an emotional roller coaster. There are so many heartfelt moments and even a bit of humor thrown in. It is also a fascinating look at the time period and the health system. All of these women are heroines, the mothers, the midwives and especially the nuns who keep everything together.

So far there is only series one that has aired here in the states but there also is a series two currently being broadcast on BBC. If you get a chance to see this show, please do. It is truly inspiring.


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