My Favorite Holiday Movies

Holiday movies can be sentimental or fun. I don’t do too many holiday movies so the list is short, but I never get tired of these. Here they are  in no particular order:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Forget Johnny Depp (and I’m a fan) the Willie Wonka that warms my heart is Gene Wilder! He is just the right amount of funny and serious! Throw in the bad children and a kid’s (and adult’s) dream of all that cool candy and it is heaven!  I still try to imitate Veruka and every time I see the ending (and it has been MANY times), I cry! They aren’t even in the elevator yet and I’m tearing up. He gives Charlie the WHOLE factory! And it admit it, you are singing the Oompa Loompa song to yourself right now.

A Christmas Story

Fffffudge….. admit it you have seen this movie, a holiday staple, dozens of times…. you worried that Ralphie would “shoot his eye out”…you wanted your own leg lamp and you remember that age of trusting in Santa, just in case. I didn’t grow up in the time period, but this movie made one nostalgic for simpler holiday times, when it wasn’t about the next electronic item, but  more about simple pleasures.

The Santa Clause

I think I watch this movie at least two or three times every holiday.  Tim Allen plays a newly divorced man trying to connect with his son during the holidays. One night, he gets a job offer he really can’t refuse. From the first scene to the last, you’ll smile and have a laugh.  I love the sequels almost as much!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

This was a classic hit back in my day that still holds up well. John Candy and Steve Martin are hysterical as two very different men trying to get home during the holidays who end up stuck with each other and deal with bad situation after bad situations…. I love the deer scene.  John Candy was truly a comic genius and is so missed. Growing up near the areas they filmed, I still tell my son “I remember driving past the El Rancho Motel”!

Christmas in Connecticut

The original 1945 version with Barbara Stanwyck as a food writer and 1940’s version of Martha Stewart,  who agrees to “host” a homey Christmas for a returning WWII hero. Problem is she can’t cook and is nowhere near a homemaker…. its funny, sappy and romantic… I love it!

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This is a fantasy film I saw recently, but can’t wait to watch again. Filmed in Finland, it’s about of group of people who discover the truth behind the Santa legend. Let’s just say he wasn’t quite so nice! Instead of rewarding good children, he punished the naughty. Children start disappearing and the reindeer start turning up dead. A group of men, led by one of man’s son, set out to capture Santa and put an end to all this. What follows is bizarre, but really fun.


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