Amazon Offers “Free” E-books, but Your Library Does it Better!

Amazon created quite a splash today in announcing that Amazon Prime members that owned Kindles could now download some books for “free”. Amazon claims over 5,000 titles are available.

As with anything, there are a couple of catches. You have to subscribe to Amazon Prime at a cost of $79 per year. Also, you are limited to one “free” book per month with no due date. That works out to $6.58 cents per book, if you download 12 “free” books and make no other use of the Amazon Prime membership. And only the Amazon Kindle will work with the service.

Your library already has an e-book service in place that costs you nothing and is compatible with almost every e-book reader on the market – including the Kindle. It is Overdrive eMedia Library and we have over 5,300 titles available for the Kindle and over 5,600 titles available for most other readers. Also, there are nearly 5,000 audiobooks available to download for free.

You are also not limited to one a month, but five books at a time, checked out for up to two weeks, with no monthly limits. You only need a Fountaindale Public Library card to access the collection. If you don’t have a Fountaindale Library Card, get one or check with your local library to see if they offer a comparable service.

To sum up:

Amazon’s “free” e-books: $79 per year, limit of one per month, over 5,000 items, Kindle only.

Fountaindale’s Overdrive eMedia Library free content: $0 per year, no monthly limit, over 5,300 Kindle books and 5,600 e-books for other readers, plus nearly 5,000 audiobooks.
Check out what your library has to offer you today!

-Tony L.


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