Sunday Night with Zombies!

Sunday nights… family dinners…. laughter… heartwarming stories, but recently something new has taken over Sunday nights for many families across America, I know it has in mine.  Its not just Sunday night with the family, but its Sunday nights  with “The Walking Dead”!  The show, which is based on the graphic novel created by Robert Kirkman, that follows a group of survivors during a zombie, they call them “Walkers”, apocalypse. The main character is Deputy Rick Grimes,  who woke up from a coma only to find his wife and son gone and the world in shambles. He eventually meets up with some survivors, including his wife and son, as well as Shane, his former co-worker and best friend. There are an assortment of other characters, some who surprise us as they are not what they appear to be on the surface. The show isn’t just mindless zombie violence (though that is fun!), but includes a lot of character development as well. I’m not watching a bunch of characters I hate, hoping they get killed off. Instead, I’m watching people I like and who I want to succeed in not getting eaten. So far the story has varied from the comics, but there are still elements of it in the show. “The Walking Dead” is currently in its second season on AMC at 8pm CST, it  is usually repeated right again at 9 and then is followed by an “after the show” special that has stars from and fans of the show. Its doing fantastic in the ratings and has been picked up for a third season. Seriously, if you like zombies (like me), give this show a try!


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