Food, Finance and Dogs at the Library!

There is still space for the following programs! Register today by calling 630-685-4176 or online at

Financial Management on Wednesday, July 13 @ 7pm
Put you finances in order and start saving for the future! Learn to set realistic financial goals and overcome common road blocks to financial success. Join us for snacks, refreshments and a financial workshop with Jeff Stone, a Met Life Representative.

Medieval Meals on Thursday, July 15 @ 7pm
Our summer reading theme, “A Midsummer Knight’s Read” would not be complete without food! Chef Michael Niksic presents Medieval Meals! Discover the eating habits, dishes and the food consumed by our ancestors during medieval times. FOOD SAMPLES will be given out! Teens welcome!

Secrets to Dog Training for Adults on Saturday, July 16 @ 11am.Join Ian and Kristy Dilworth, local dog whisperers! This class will include secrets to obedience techniques, preventing a bite, dog-proofing your home, and address important common behavioral issues including potty-training, aggression, separation anxiety and more.
They will also teach you how to build a foundation for your dog to learn anything you want it to learn. You will learn how to communicate so your canine will understand you and vice versa.


Maureen G.

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