Summer Cruise Nights

If cars are one your passions, then summer is your time of the year. From June through the end of August in many communities, and as late as September or early October in others, you can find cruise nights taking place in and around Bolingbrook and the Chicago suburbs on every night of the week.  These evening events draw crowds of enthusiasts who love to display and talk about their 4-wheeled pride & joy. Many of the cruise nights have music during the evening to add to the atmosphere. Some of the communities also devote specific nights to certain makes or models or time periods.

Leslie Mann’s recent article in the Chicago Tribune, Car gawk: Cruising nights lure collectors and their classic rides, gives you a good sense of what the events are like and includes information on towns in the area that will be hosting cruise nights this summer. Also, check out Don Speeno’s website for listings of 2011 CRUISE NIGHTS, arranged by the day of the week. Many of his listings include links for more detailed specifics about that town’s events.

So turn up the Chuck Berry on your ride’s sound system and get out and see some beautiful pieces of rolling sculpture on some of these summer evenings!

– Tom D.

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