RIP Brigadier

“Chap with wings, five rounds rapid”… with great sadness, I read today that Nicholas Courtney who portrayed the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart passed away at the age of 81. If you are a Doctor Who fan, then you know just how important the “Brig” is to Doctor Who. Friend, sometimes foe, morally strong, leader of UNIT, he never failed to bring a smile to my face every time he was on the screen. He had the best lines and delivered them with such seriousness that they became unforgettable. As if it were a daily occurence that one had to shoot a moving gargoyle terrorizing the country side! Unbelievable? Nope, Nicholas was that good of an actor that the out of the ordinary was believable. He is also the only Doctor Who companion (and actor) to appear with the most doctors (5), starting in 1968 to 1989. He briefly revived his character in 2008 for the Sarah Jane Adventures. In his later years, he also continued to work as the “Brig” on audio episodes of Doctor Who.  A friend to conventions and appearances, he was always kind and gracious to his fans and to the show’s fans.  Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss called him “the sweetest of gentleman”.

Godspeed Nick, our dear Brigadier ….  say hello to Patrick, Jon and Ian…. we will miss you and thank you.


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