God Bless The Vicar, Of Dibley That Is!

My love of all Britcoms continues in my latest TV watching vice… The Vicar of Dibley. The show stars the fantastically talented Dawn French. Dawn is the French half of the very funny French and Saunders comedy duo, who brought us Absolutely Fabulous. The show was created by Richard Curtis of Four Weddings and a Funeral fame, specifically for her.

Geraldine Granger is a bodacious and lively female vicar who is sent to the very small and rural town of Dibley. While there she meets a variety of “interesting” characters namely the village council. There is the arrogant multimillionaire, David Horton who initially tries to get Geraldine fired, and his thick as a plank son Hugo. Hugo loves Alice Tinker, the church verger, who is so dense that at one point, after reading the Da Vinci Code, she is sure she is a descendent of Jesus Christ. There is Frank Pickle, a man who never met a speech or a story he couldn’t drag out for hours on end. He is well-known for putting people to sleep. Jim Trott is an elderly gentleman who says no-no-no-no before most of his sentences. This turned into a problem when he was asked if it was a deal on the British version of “Deal or No Deal”. You can only imagine. Owen Newitt is a farmer with extremely poor hygiene and some rather adult interests. He is Geraldine’s biggest supporter and along with David Horton, wanted to marry her. There was also Letitia Cropley, who died early in the series…. she was especially known for her cooking…. parsnip brownies or pancakes with  a hint of liver, anyone??

From the Easter Bunny incident, to Dalek Bridesmaids,  to Geraldine’s real middle name (think Mary Poppins songs) this show is a classic! Throw in some bawdy humor and a fantastic ensemble cast, add Dawn French who  is one of the best comediennes of our time and you have a must see. There are some great guest stars, Sting and Sean Bean,  for example and some really touching moments such as the special involving the Make Poverty History campaign or the church service for animals that despite sounding silly, was quite heartfelt. The Fountaindale Library owns all the DVD releases of the show, so check out our catalog for this and other Britcoms.



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