Thanksgiving traditions…old and new…on the web

At our home, a few days before Thanksgiving, the worn copy of Betty Crocker’s Cookbook (Golden Press, 1969) comes off the bookshelf and out from the binder comes the well used recipe for Bread Stuffing that we’ve used for many, many years. It’s a basic recipe, nothing fancy. There have been a few small changes made to it , like the addition of some apples and raisins, that have been penciled on to the page. In our family, it’s what people want every Thanksgiving…it’s a tradition…it wouldn’t be the same meal without it.


Every family, over the years, has created its own traditions as far as what is served at the Thanksgiving table and which activities are enjoyed during the day, like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, while preparations are happening in the kitchen and elsewhere.

I wanted to share a list of web sites and web pages that I put together recently for the Internet class that I teach at the library. Some are ones that I’ve used a number of times and some are new to me this year. I would enjoy hearing your comments about the ones listed and about others that you might use during the holidays. Who knows, you may create some new family traditions from your searching on these sites.

1 ) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – This site features images and information about this annual parade held since 1924 in New York City. Includes a brief history, parade route, parade line-up, and behind the scenes look at the balloons and floats, and more.

2 ) Butterball Turkey Talk-Line – Open annually November through December, this site is where you’ll find the 800 telephone number to call in your Thanksgiving turkey cooking questions. You’ll also find lots of how-to information as well as recipes. Want to know even more? Have a look at Emily Bryson York’s article , Food Web sites surge, but Butterball phone line remains a staple and the accompanying article, What I learned at Butterball University, that appeared in the Chicago Tribune on October 31, 2010.

3) Ocean Spray – Here you’ll find recipes for all things cranberry, ranging from sauce to pie to breads and beverages.

4 ) Food Network – At this site, you can locate Thanksgiving recipes from your favorite Food Network personalities. So, if you’ve misplaced your copy of Paula Deen’s recipe for Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie, you can easily find it here.

5 ) In a Vegetarian Kitchen – If you’re searching for ideas on preparing a vegetarian / vegan meal for your Thanksgiving table, this is a good place to look first. Features a complete menu with recipes. From an author of vegetarian cookbooks.

6 ) Martha Stewart – Learn how to roast and carve the perfect turkey and much, much more at The Everything Thanksgiving section of Martha’s website. Recipes and menus included. There are even ideas on how to use all those leftovers!

7 ) Southern Plate – Looking for some satisfying down home style dishes to prepare for your Thanksgiving guests? Try Christy Jordan’s popular website.  The cookbook author and blogger has a large following for her comfort food recipes.

8 ) Libby’s Pumpkin – For many people, Thanksgiving would not be complete without pumpkin pie. Libby’s website includes the recipe for that time honored classic and shows you many other uses for pumpkin in your holiday and everyday meals.


– Tom

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