Celebrate National Game Day with Events Nov 12 and 13

mr monopoly
Fountaindale Public Library is celebrating National Game Day with a lock-in on Friday, November 12th and a day of fun and games November 13th. Our first ever National Game Day lock-in will feature life sized Sorry and Candyland boards where YOU can be a game piece traveling the board!  The Game Show Gurus will host a “Family Feud” style game where two teams will compete to guess the top answers on the board. We’ll have video games, board games, card games, hula hoops, snacks, PRIZES AND MORE!!! Also, you can come in costume as your favorite game character.
video game characters
And the fun doesn’t stop there … 

We’re continuing the celebration on Saturday, November 13 with a day full of fun and  games. Some of the events are:

  • Senior Wii Sports for adults 55 years and older
  • UNO Tournament for tweens grades 4-8
  • Battleship Tournament for teens grades 6-12
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament for teens grades 6-12

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the 3 Tournaments. 

We also have Family Gaming and you and your family can play games both electronic and traditional! Wii stations will be set up and board games will be provided. 

Games will be set up throughout the Teen Zone and Children’s Services Department so you can stop by anytime to play between 10-4

For specific times for these events, check out our Events Calendar

Registration is required for the Tournaments and can be done online, in person, or via phone @ 630-685-4181 or 630-685-4176 to register.

Other Information for the National Game Day Lock-In November 12:


For all ages 5 and up. Children 5th grade and under must be accompanied by at least one adult. No adults without children. Registration must be done in person or call 630-685-4181 or 630-685-4176.


Rozie 🙂

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