Super-Couponing with Jill Cataldo

On Saturday October 16, Fountaindale Public Library was pleased to welcome Jill Cataldo Jill Cataldo! What an amazing and informative presentation!  I was lucky enough to be in the audience and I can tell you I learned some useful tips to save hundreds on my family’s grocery bills – and the tips didn’t just apply to money spent on a food budget.

“You might be wondering, ‘Is it worth becoming a coupon shopper?’

The real question is… why wouldn’t you want to shop with coupons?

In life, we continually insist on the best prices for major purchases. We seek out the lowest price when buying a new car, booking the cheapest airfare, or finding the best deal on a new television. And yet, where groceries are concerned, most people don’t even give a second thought to what they’re paying for them. They go to the store and accept $150-$200 weekly grocery bills as part of life.

But groceries comprise one of the largest parts of our entire household budgets! If you knew you could easily cut that grocery bill by half or better, still buying the groceries and products you want and need, why wouldn’t you? With my system, coupon shoppers are happily spending a small amount of time each week, about a half-hour to an hour, to reduce their grocery bills by 30%, 50%, 75% or more.”  Excerpt taken from Jill Cataldo’s Super-Couponing web page.

Jill’s site is set up to help newbies and pros alike and has a getting started guide, coupon center for printing online coupons, and a coupon look-up guide that helps you easily locate coupons from the inserts that come in the Sunday paper. You can also check out Jill’s blog for her Deals of the Week posts, break downs of costs on ACTUAL shopping trips, more helpful tips, and the occasional give away.

“Jill Cataldo is also the author of the nationally-syndicated newspaper column, ‘Super-Couponing® Tips,’ read by over 20 million readers each week!

With “Super-Couponing® Tips,” (formerly “The Coupon Queen,”) Jill shares coupon tips and tricks, bringing a new Super-Couponing® lesson to readers, as well as answering questions from readers around the nation.

ABC’s Nightline called Jill’s column ‘Dear Abby with Coupons!'” Excerpt from Jill’s Super-Couponing web page.

Be sure to check our Events Calendar for upcoming events and for future programs featuring Jill Cataldo.

Rozie 🙂Jill Cataldo at Fountaindale Public Library

One thought on “Super-Couponing with Jill Cataldo

  1. Couponing has really changed. We used to do realistic couponing in the 1970’s and 80’s. We had coupon clubs. Everybody brought unused coupons and traded coupons. So you could take free coupons from sources and get store bought ones from newspapers without spending money. OPM We would ask relatives for unused coupons. Free again. Also then we would become involved in round robins where you would put coupons in and take coupons out of a coupon train. You would ask for stamps and envelopes from dollar stores for gifts for Christmas and birthdays from relatives and then you would send away for coupons from manufacturers and use 1-800 numbers. Again free and you are using OPM . other people’s money to obtain free coupons. You could ask for a Christmas present for mutltiple subscriptions to newspapers with coupons. Again OPM other people;s money. This beats dumpster diving. Also another source of envelopes is to go to Hall marks after a huge holiday and they will give you mismatched envelopes doesn’t matter what color and they are free to use for couponing. Where there is a will there is a way. Also when you realistically coupon you aren;’t a hoarder or a person who buys stuff unneeded for charity. I am a coupon angel and tend to purchase mutltiple copies of newspapers. I take out the ones I can use and cut out the rest and give to a thrift store and they are younger and their church can use my coupons with doubling strategies and people who
    have money an purchase items for the food pantry that is needed. Let the younger people in the church choose the coupons that can really be used instead of buying all this extreme couponing stuff that can’t be used or has expirtation dates. Couponing needs to be done sensibly and appropriately. You could ask for a coupon clipping service as a gift for Christmas from a relative. Again OPM.other people’s money getting what you want coupons and savings.

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