Being Human Isn’t Easy

What do a slightly dorky werewolf, a dark, handsome vampire and a cheery ghost have in common? They are all roommates, each trying to overcome their curses and trying to be human in the show “Being Human”. You might think this is a comedy, but it’s not. Originally broadcast in England, the show is now airing its second season on BBC America.

The show’s first main character is Annie, the resident ghost.  When alive, Annie was a bride-to-be looking forward to a promising future when an accidental fall kills her. She misses her fiance and hovers over him… eventually discovering the actual cause of her death (you can’t miss it!).  Annie likes to make tea that she cannot drink, normally has a sunny disposition and is quite a lot of fun to be around. Only other ghosts, vampires and werewolves could see her initially, but soon others could until recently. Sadly for her, the situation has again reverted back to her not being seen by the human world.  Despite this, she continues to try to help others. Oh, and she also wears the same clothes for eternity!

The next main character is Mitchell the vampire. He works as a hospital porter and yes, he can go out in the daytime (only needing sunglasses for his eyes).  Mitchell was bitten during WWI by a  vampire named Herrick, who was scouting around bodies of soldiers looking for anyone alive that he could feed on. Mitchell made a promise to Herrick that he could turn him into a vampire in exchange for not killing his men. In his early days, Mitchell became quite a hero and legend in the vampire community. He has made several attempts to give up blood and has recently created a support group for other vampires to try to do the same. AA for vampires!

The final main character is George, the Werewolf.  George was on holiday in Scotland when a werewolf attacked him and his friend. His friend was killed, George was scratched and the rest is history. Despite a high IQ and speaking various languages, George is also a hospital porter working alongside Mitchell. He falls in love with a nurse, Nina and all is going well until she gets scratched by George the werewolf. George feels extreme guilt for what he has done to her. He tries to “cope” with his condition but locking himself in a cage and drugging himself during his transformations… but you can’t keep the wolf at bay. If he can’t come out and play during a full moon… he will find other ways to get out.

There are a variety of supporting characters human and non-human. I really like the storyline of there being a sub-culture existing around us humans for centuries, protected by some (many times police),  pursued by others, and infiltrating our society’s  highest ranks. Don’t go into it expecting “Twilight” with brooding beautiful people, this show is fairly gritty and not always pretty. The main characters just want to have normal lives and are really struggling with their situations (which are certainly not glamorized). Season one is soon to come out on DVD, so catch it if you can.


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