Menu Planning

Fall is approaching fast, and with it the hustle and bustle of life. Kids are heading back to school, joining clubs and sports teams [and visiting the library for books, of course ;)] Work meetings are growing in number, traffic jams are getting longer, and daily chores are piling up. Let’s face it; some of us are being pulled in a million ways at once. The last thing on our minds is “What do I eat?” Of course when your stomach is grumbling and begging for food, the last thing you want to do is waste time thinking about what to put in it. We put so much emphasis on the rest of our day, we rarely think about one of the most important, and often enjoyable, aspects of our day: Food! Eating a healthy diet keeps you energized and ready to tackle daily challenges, so if you’ve ever struggled with the questions of “What do I eat?”and “What’s for dinner?” we have the program for you. Beth Randall joins us on Aug 12, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m., at the Fountaindale Public Library to help you get organized with your menu planning. Beth will share the reasons for menu planning, healthy menu ideas, how to create fantastic school lunches, and various options to get you started on your menu.  Registration is required, and spaces are still available. Our friendly staff loves seeing new faces at the library so stop by and see us with questions, to sign up for programs, check out a good book, or just to say HI. You can also register online or give us a call at 630-685-4176.

Rozie 🙂

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