What a Nice Looking Family…..


For anyone who has ever had to pose for a family portrait, with mom, dad or some “creative” photographer telling us what to wear, how to hold our heads etc…. Awkward Family Photos  is the site for you! Awkward Family Photos is updated regularly with some of the silliest and tragically horrible family photos you have ever seen.  How about that stranglehold Junior has on mom? What a touching moment….   And nothing says we love each other than posing with the family pig who is wearing a lovely shirt! AFP was started by two childhood friends, who one day came upon their own “awkward family photo” of the two of them posing in skis. Realizing that they were probably not the only ones with pictures like this they started the web site. It has been featured on several morning news shows in the area and has even spawned an upcoming book. It really is a hysterical site that makes you wonder, what were they thinking??


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