You Gotta Love It!


       Let me tell you about a cool book:

      Once I Ate a Pie is a tribute to the wonderful world of dogs. It contains fourteen poems about these lovable creatures. The poems are written in first person with an innocent viewpoint appropriate to a dog’s egocentric perspective: Abby “borrows” bones, balls and slippers (and doesn’t give them back); Mr. Beefy, the pug, steals butter (or even a cherry pie) from the table; and Lucy, adopted from a shelter, sleeps between her owners with her own pillow and teddy bear. 
      The expressive paintings add to each dog’s character, skillfully capturing distinctive breed characteristics, with expressive eyes and playful postures that indicate a thorough knowledge of canine behavior.
      This is a great book to read with kids.
      This book is owned by the Fountaindale Library. To see about availability, please check our online library catalog.
      Happy Reading!

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