A Lion Called Christian

      In 1969, Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, two Aussies new to London, wandered into the Harrods department store and bought a lion cub. They took the lion they ironically named “Christian” home to an apartment over a furniture shop called Sophisticat. Soon Christian had the complete adoration of his owners, the shopkeepers, and London at large; often posing in the front shop window to the delight of people passing by. 

     By late 1970, Christian had outgrown his new home and was relocated to a Kenyan wilderness preserve. Astonishing, in 1971, after a year’s absence, Bourke and Rendall returned to Africa and successfully reunited with Christian. Though he was now fully grown, Christian greeted them with love and affection. Christian never forgot the men who had first cared for him. 

     A Lion Called Christian was first was published in 1970. It has since been updated due to the appearance of the widely viewed 1971 reunion footage on YouTube. This book is a memorable story of the life-affirming connection between man and animal.

     This book is owned by the Fountaindale Library. To check availability, please check our online library catalog.

     Happy reading!


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