Still need a stock quote to complete your income tax return?

With the tax filing deadline now less than two weeks away, there may still be some people out there who need a bit of data to complete their return.

Every tax season, we get requests at the library from customers who have delayed filing their tax returns until almost the last moment because they need a stock quote. Sometimes that quote is from a number of years ago.

Here are some of the resources that you can check online for both recent and historical stock quotes:

In most cases, the stock price you need can be found among the three sites mentioned above. When using BigCharts for non-recent quotes, you’ll see a tab for Historical Quotes on their homepage. Google Finance and YAHOO!FINANCE work a little differently when searching for a non-recent quote. You need to first enter the symbol for the stock you are searching and then click on Get Quotes. Once the information on the stock is displayed, there is an option on the left sidebar for Historical Prices.

Should you not find the figure you need using the above online sites, we also have more traditional sources, such as microfilm and microfiche for newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune. One of our Adult Services staff will be glad to assist you.

Tom D.

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