The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies

     Let me tell you about a cool book. It is called The Ultimate Book of Sports Movies: Featuring the 100 Greatest Sports Films of All Time by Ray Didinger and Glen MacNow.

     It includes trivia, fun facts, pictures, plot summaries, and behind the scenes accounts on great movies such as:
     Rocky;  Hoosiers;  The Natural;  Field of Dreams;  Brian’s Song;  Pride of the Yankees;  Remember the Titans;  Breaking Away;  Knute Rockne: All American;  The Rookie;  Seabiscuit;  Bull Durham;  Bend It Like Beckham;  Jim Thorpe: All American;  Rudy;  Raging Bull;  Eight Men Out;  Miracle;  Million Dollar Baby;  Chariots of Fire;  A League of Their Own;  Tin Cup;  Happy Gilmore;  Caddyshack; and of course, The Karate Kid!
     In addition, there are special features such as:
     Down for the Count: the Rocky Sequels.
     Actors as Athletes: Who Makes the Cut?
     The Worst Sports Sequels Ever Made.
     Athletes Who Could Act.
     Athletes Who Could Not Act.
     If you like sports movies, you will like this book.
     (This book is owned by the Fountaindale Library. To check on availability, please check our online library catalog.)
     Happy reading!
– Bob

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