Hobby Day, Hobby Day, Hobby Day!

The Fountaindale Public Library District will be hosting its Second Annual Hobby Day on Sunday, January 24th from 2 pm to 4 pm (at the Bolingbrook facility). It’s a showcase for our staff to show off the hobbies that they love when they’re away from the workaday world of the library.  We hope to see you on Sunday!

As a lead-up to the big day, we’re going to share on the various library blogs biographies of our staff and a little description of their hobbies from time to time. Now we’re going to learn about jewelry-making from Terry Mukukenow, who works in Circulation.


I started beading when I was in high school. Back then we made were ‘love beads’, which were seed beads on an elastic cord that we wore close around the neck.

These days, my beading has graduated to Austrian crystals, gem stones and sterling silver. I originally designed jewelry to coordinate with my outfits because it was too expensive for me to buy something from the store. Now, I do it because I enjoy saying:  “I made it myself.”

I mainly design and make jewelry and ‘what-nots’ for my family and close friends. I have sold a few items to interested parties. I enjoy making decorative objects, whether it is jewelry, window or garden sun-catchers, key rings, or even rearview mirror ornaments. It’s fun!

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