Hobby Day

The Fountaindale Public Library District will be hosting its Second Annual Hobby Day on Sunday, January 24th from 2 pm to 4 pm (at the Bolingbrook facility). It’s a showcase for our staff to show off the hobbies that they love when they’re away from the workaday world of the library. Maybe, you can learn about a new hobby from one of us!

As a lead-up to the big day, we’re going to share on the various library blogs biographies of our staff and a little description of their hobbies from time to time. Now we’re going to learn about the crafts of Rocio Brown, the periodicals assistant at the library.


I will be sharing 2 hobbies on Hobby Day.
I am the Periodicals Assistant here at the library and I am 30 yrs old. I consider myself to be a creative person, and I am always looking for a creative outlet. When I was about 12 I learned how to make frienship bracelets and I’ve been making them off and on ever since. About 2 years ago I was very ill and was bed ridden for a few months. When my energy levels started to pick up I needed something to occupy my time but not over exhaust me. I remembered having gone into a bookstore and seeing some fun bookmarks with little charms hanging on the top and bottom, so I turned to my beads and threads. I incorporated a friendship bracelet style and started making my own book marks. I originally started with hemp, but found the inconsistency of the thickness to be difficult to work with when using smaller beads, and eventually I settled on a nylon thread from Mexico. I love these little book marks because I can incorporate many types of beads in various colors and I love to go beadshopping online and in stores. The textures and colors never seize to excite me. I have since sold many of these little guys, which I lovingly refer to as Book Buddies, at craft shows and to co-workers and many have made their way to my in-laws in Northern Ireland.
The other hobby I will be sharing is on how to repurpose old books into new books. I had many books at home in bad condition that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out. At the library, after many checkouts, books become damaged and many of the books that had torn pages had to be recycled, but I wanted to know if there was some way to reuse the covers, since they were still sturdy. I went online and started researching bookbinding and I fell in love. I have always loved books and paper and I happily admit that I have many, many blank notebooks with colorful covers and beautifully textured paper that have never seen a pen or pencil mark. I just love the way they look and feel. I have tried my hand at the coptic stitch and am still trying to perfect that. Currently, I have been making little index card holders with decorative papers and the upcycled book board. The best part of this is knowing that I am able give new life to a treasured item. I have used wrapping paper from special occasions, stationary paper, my son’s drawings and some of my own, and I want to start making little books out of birthday and Christmas cards, so they don’t have to be shut away in a drawer.

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