Important “Reading” Time!

I love reading trivia, I especially love when I am actually learning something when I read it. Years ago I found a book that I couldn’t put down. It was the first Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Through the years, I’ve waited excitedly for the newest book to come out. This series by the Bathroom Reader’s Institute is the longest running, most popular series of its kind in publishing  history, with over 7 million books sold! So what’s the appeal? All you need to do is sit down with any of the collections and read through topics such as forgotten history, unknown origins, pop culture, science, quotes, random facts and so much more! Of course these collections are supposed to be read in the  “bathroom”, hence the name and the shortness of the sections.

Since the first book in the series was published in 1988, the books now number in the dozens. In addition to the usual collections, there are  also special editions specifically on holidays, pets, sports, presidents, the military, various states and more. They have put out several editions for kids and moms and have expanded with word searches, puzzles and quotes. One of the most current releases is “Uncle John’s Endlessly Engrossing Bathroom Reader” . 

So sit down, and yes, it can be in a chair, get comfortable and laugh and learn your way through and of these great books!

-Christine J.

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