Hobby Day Countdown!

The Fountaindale Public Library District will be hosting its Second Annual Hobby Day on Sunday, January 24th from 2 pm to 4 pm (at the Bolingbrook facility). It’s a showcase for our staff to show off the hobbies that they love when they’re away from the workaday world of the library. Maybe, you can learn about a new hobby from one of us!

As a lead-up to the big day, we’re going to share on the various library blogs biographies of our staff and a little description of their hobbies from time to time. Now we’re going to learn about the gardening hobby of Sarah Postellon, one of the Children’s Librarians, who is going to be bringing her composting earthworms to HobbyDay!


One of my favorite activities is gardening.  My whole family enjoys having fresh produce and flowers, and my dad in particular is a big fan of trees.  When I moved to Chicago, I found that I really missed having a garden.  I was able to scratch that itch somewhat by helping to take care of the flower gardens at my church.  I still wanted to grow vegetables, though, so I helped start a community garden at St. Dominic three years ago.  Now I own a condo with a small flower garden and a garage where I can keep a worm composting bin.  I would love to have a house with a big garden and trees of my own someday!

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