Dreamers or Delusional? The Story of Anvil.

I am not a big Heavy Metal music fan. Other then the occasional Behind The Music on VH1!, the last thing I want to do is watch a full length documentary on a Heavy Metal band. So imagine my surprise when I saw the movie “Anvil!: The Story of Anvil. I was completely blown away by this film! I loved, loved, loved it!! For those not in the know (and I am one of them), Anvil is a Canadian heavy metal band that had a brief moment of glory in the early 80s. Directed by Sacha Gervasi, who befriended the band when they played London and became a roadie for them on three tours, this movie takes a funny, sad and sometimes touching look at the band who continue to chase success and seem to fail in every attempt.

Playing to crowds of 5, getting paid in goulash (ill-fated Eastern European tour), rejection on a new CD, the list of woes goes on. None are rich, all are struggling with families to support, you ask yourself, why do they go on? And then you realize, they love the music, they love their fans and most of all they love Anvil. What first made you laugh, cringe and even question people’s sanity, now makes you cheer for them. You  start to cheer them on as the movie progresses. In the last concert scene, as they walk out on stage, just hoping that for one night, they can have a show they have been dreaming of, you cross your fingers and say a tiny prayer for them.

And what has this film done for Anvil? News reports have  them opening for AC/DC and Saxon, the film itself is winning awards and nominated for an Independent Spirit award. For a band that was influential to the likes of GnR and Metallica, yet forgotten , who watched others  soar to the success they dreamed of, they are finally walking the red carpet! And it makes me do the happy dance! Well done gentleman!


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