Does this look yummy to you?

When I need a laugh, I check out the hilarious blog site  Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong !  A cake wreck is a cake that is unintentionally funny, creepy, weird  or even gross.  This blog site collects them all. Founded by Jen Yates in 2008, when someone sent her a picture of a cake that read “Best Wishes Suzanne” “Under Neat That” “We will miss you”. This hilarious miscommunication sent Jen on her way.

In addition to the blog, it inspired a book of the same name . At book signings, people are bringing cakes that they made copying some of the more “famous”wrecks the site features.  The blog site is updated almost every day with tons of hysterical pictures and comments. They also have sections under “Fan Favorites” and “The Classics”.  One of my personal favorites is the bride who had a life-size replica of herself done in cake!  I love the misspelled cakes, the poorly iced cakes, and some of the outrageous just plain “what were they thinking?” cakes. The saddest part is a lot of these are from bakeries or stores! Imagine bringing home a “Marry Christmus” cake??? Or maybe a “mole”cake looks yummy?  Imagine putting that on your holiday table!! Woo hoo!

To be fair the blog does highlight some absolutely spectacular, artistic cakes that take your breath away.  Beautiful wedding cakes, special occasion cakes…. But lets face it, the real attractions are the cake wrecks…..



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