‘Twas Three Nights Before Christmas

‘Twas Three Nights Before Christmas and all through the house, a procrastinating baker kept questioning his spouse. Would Santa prefer this tasty cookie or that? Should he only bake some that excluded those pesky trans fats? The cookies from Gourmet, in the earlier link, were all very fine. But this baker wanted more choices …to find something simply divine. Here, he exclaimed, in this newly written post. Thirty-five New York Times readers’ recipes, at most! So if you are still at a loss as to which cookie to set out on Santa’s plate. Then choose one of these beautiful and tasty treats to create!

Yes…there’s still time to bake some cookies for Santa to go with the milk. Try one of these that readers of The New York Times submitted to their recent feature: Holiday Cookies and Recipes.

I’ve been making Meringue Mushrooms, from the same Maida Heatter recipe that Lauren Soutiere submitted, for many years. They’ve now become a holiday tradition in our family.

– Tom

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