Reality TV Mania!

I have to confess, I like reality shows. They’re everywhere. They’re my guilty pleasure. My problem is no one in my house watches them but me! So when I am itching to share my views on how “someone could do this?” or “did you see who got kicked off American Idol last night??” Or maybe I want the scoop on what is really going on… I go to the one web site that I can do it all, .  In addition to the “big” shows, they  cover such guilty pleasures like The Real Housewives of Orange County, MTV’s Styled and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood ! They have shows on here I haven’t even heard of. If a show’s season is over or it is no longer on, they keep archives you can go back to for current posted updates . Through this site I found out the couple from Outback Jack not only got married, but just had their second child. Big news!

And it isn’t all reality tv. They have forums for non-reality shows, soaps, and even talk shows. There are even sections on cooking, movies, music, books, and sports . And what good forum site would be without a “Celebrity Gossip” section?? Love it all, but I come here for the goods on reality tv. From discussion to gossip, to behind the scenes, even an occasional reality star post, this is my go-to site!

– Christine J.

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