E-Book Readers

E-Book readers are one of the hot holiday presents this year – lots of us have heard of the Amazon.com Kindle.  There’s also the Sony E-Reader, and Barnes & Noble is getting in the act with the Nook.

The Fountaindale Public Library District is seriously starting to explore circulating a limited number of e-book readers to its patrons.  We already provide access to electronic media, through NetLibrary and OverDrive (both found under the “Resources” tab on our web page – just click through to “Databases.”).  We have provided our patrons with e-audio and e-books for several years.

Now it’s time to take the plunge and start circulating the e-book readers!  So while the Administrative staff is working out the details of loan period and fines, the Adult Services Staff is busy playing with samples of the devices.  They each have their advantages and disadvantages: the Kindle is sleek and cool, with great design elements.  The Sony is more functional, less sleek, but allows downloads from the District’s OverDrive subscription.  We haven’t seen the Nook yet, but we are getting version of that as well, so that we can play with it.  We want to make sure that we’re buying the devices that our patrons will find the most interesting and the most useful.  So help us out, and answer the poll below!

We should start circulating the readers in the new year. Watch this blog, our webpage, and our newsletter for more details!

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