Winter weather – brrrrrr

Brrrr!  It’s getting cold outside.  I grew up in Central Illinois, in farming country, and weather was A. Big. Deal.  Then I moved up to the Chicago area, and found that it’s still A. Big. Deal.   It’s just a big deal in different ways – Chicagoans are obsessed with snow fall, and farmers are obsessed with rainfall.

No matter the obsession, there’s tons of sites on the web that you can give you all sorts of facts about the weather, and give you a good idea of what’s coming our way.

The standard site is  Of course,you can get all of the forecast information that you expect, but it also provides other information as well, such as an interactive map of rush hour traffic (with handy-dandy symbols of where the construction zones are as well).

Accuweather ( is one of my favorite sites, when I’m worried about snowfall.    Their forecast details give very specific amounts of expected snowfall for the day.

Weather Underground ( gives you the forecast, but you can also get historical data about what weather happened on a particular date,  in a given zip code.  It’s a fun tool to play with.

The National Weather Service (  also gives forecast information, along with a wealth of other information, such as maps, and observations done at the weather stations.

Happy Storm-watching!

— Jennie M.

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