It’s that time of the year. . .

The time  of the year that every book lover looks forward to and dreads with equal measure has come again.  Yes indeed, late fall is when the Best Books of the Year lists begin to pop up like mushrooms in magazines and newspapers.  I always make an effort to read the lists, hoping that my favorite books have made the list.  My books don’t always make the lists (I’m an unapologetic reader of genre novels and quirky nonfiction), but occasionally I find a new gem on the Best Books Lists, and maybe you will too.

Publishers Weekly just released their Top Ten of 2009 in November:  Their list made waves because not a single title on the list was written by a woman.  Take a look at the list – did they overlook good books by women?  Or did they truly pick the best books of the year?

Library Journal also released their Best Books of 2009 List.  It’s a little more expansive, covering 31 of their top titles, plus top genre books and how-to books.  It can be found at:

Both of these lists mix fiction and non-fiction, and we hope that you’ll find lots of new books that you find interesing on the lists.   We’ll keep you posted as new Best Books Lists appear too.

You can always check and see if we own a title by looking at our catalog which can be found on our website.  You can also place holds on items if our copy is checked-out or if we don’t own an item.  As soon as it comes in for you, we’ll give you a phone call or email you. 

Happy reading and may your favorite book of the year make it to a list!

— Jennie M.

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